White Pearls

The most popular and classic pearl color is white pearls. White pearls convey beauty, harmony, and loyalty to those that adorn them. Whether you choose budget-friendly Freashwater, lustrous Akoya, or premium-size South Sea, you can’t go wrong with this classic hue.  

Common overtones for white pearls include sparkling silver, blushing rose, and creamy ivory. The color of the pearl depends on the color of the oyster’s shell. White pearls are the gem of choice for brides because they symbolize new beginnings, purity, and abundance.  
Everyone loves the effortless elegance of white pearls.

Black Pearls

Since their discovery centuries ago, exotic black pearls have been captivating humanity’s imagination. While black Freshwater and black Akoya pearls are usually treated to achieve their dark hues,Tahitian black pearlsgrow naturally in the warm waters of French Polynesia.  
Common overtones for black pearlsinclude radiant grey, brilliant blue-green, and iridescent peacock.  
The color of the pearl depends on the color of the oyster’s shell. Due to their rarity, black pearls have always symbolized wealth, everlasting love, and wisdom.  
Modern yet timeless, black pearls are redefining beauty.

Golden Pearls

Among the rarest cultured pearls in the world, the large size and warm, regal tones of Golden South Sea pearls make them a favorite among gem enthusiasts.  
Golden pearls are particularly popular in Chinese folklore. Believed to have fallen from the sky as dragons fought among the clouds, Golden pearlsare considered to be lucky jewels that bring wealth, success, and courage to their owners.  
When you’re looking for something unique, Golden South Sea pearlsmake an exquisitely elegant personal statement.

Pink Pearls

Rare and delicate, pearls have been a beloved gem since their discovery thousands of years ago. An excellent alternative to classic white, pink pearls offer a unique twist to any jewelry collection.  
The color of the pearl depends on the color of the oyster’s shell. Pink pearls typically grow in freshwater environments and range in hues from blush hues to rich roses.  
Because pink pearls convey love, generosity, and kindness, they are a particular favorite of mothers around the globe.